Guitar Fretboard Memorization
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Guitar Fretboard Memorization

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Author: Tom Fleming

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
Using Fretboard Markers
The Natural Notes: C Major
Sharps And Flats
A Harmonic Minor (Introducing G♯)
G Major (Introducing F♯)
E Harmonic Minor (Introducing D♯)
F Major (Introducing B♭)
D Harmonic Minor (Introducing C♯)
CHAPTER 2: The Chromatic Scale and Diatonic Movement
The Low E String
The A String
Combining The Low E String And A String Exercises
CHAPTER 3: Understanding Key Signatures and Enharmonics
Key Signatures
CHAPTER 4: Introducing Intervals
Whole Tones
CHAPTER 5: Exploring the Major Scale
Major Scale Construction
Vertical Major Scale Shapes (Frets 1–5)
CHAPTER 6: Pentatonic Scales
The Pentatonic Scale
CHAPTER 7: Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scales
The Melodic Minor Scale
The Harmonic Minor Scale
CHAPTER 8: The Blues Scale
CHAPTER 9: First-Position Chords
Seventh Chords
CHAPTER 10: Triads
Harmonizing The Major Scale With Triads
Triad Shapes (A-String Root)
Triad Shapes (D-String Root)
Triad Shapes (G-String Root)
Triad Inversions
CHAPTER 11: Arpeggios and Other Chord Shapes
Arpeggios And Triads
Moveable Chords
CHAPTER 12: More Scale Fingerings
Frets 9—13
CHAPTER 13: Joining the Dots with Fretboard Mapping
Beyond The 12th Fret
Fretboard Maps: Melodic Minor
Fretboard Maps: Harmonic Minor
Fretboard Maps: Pentatonic/Blues Scales

Navigating the guitar fretboard is a complex undertaking, full of endless possibilities that are often confusing to choose. But now, memorizing these patterns is made clear! Author Tom Fleming shows you how to internalize the map of the fingerboard, highlighting useful tools such as: scales, intervals, chords, arpeggios and much more!

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