First 50 Recording Techniques You Should Know to Track Music
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First 50 Recording Techniques You Should Know to Track Music

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Author: Bill Gibson

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Table of Contents

Preparing for Greatness
The Song
The Environment
The importance of Studio Acoustics
Control Room Monitors
Choosing an Interface
Managing the DAW
Choosing the Right Microphone
Microphone Polar Patterns
Stereo Mic Techniques
Miking the Kick Drum
Miking the Snare Drum
Miking Toms
Overheads and Hats
Drum Room Mics
Equalizing Drums
One Mic on Drums
Two Mics on Drums
Three Mics on Drums
Four Mics on Drums
Bass Guitar DI
Miking the Bass Cabinet
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar DI
Miking Acousic Guitar
Stereo Miking Acoustic Guitar
Miking the Electric Guitar Cabinet
Multiple Mics on Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar Effects
Electric Guitar Through a DI
Stereo Electric Guitar
Grand Piano
Electric Piano
Vocal Performance
Vocal Mic Choice
Vocal Mic Technique
Backing Vocals
Vocal Groups and Choirs
Track a Band at Home
Tracking in a Commercial Studio
Commercial and Home Studio
Compression Parameters
Using the Compressor
Compressing Vocals and Instruments
Gates and Expanders

Recording music can be a daunting task, especially in the present day with its ever-changing technologies and environments. This one-of-a-kind collection of modern, easy-to-understand techniques for recording music in a variety of settings provides tools and information that set you well on your way to capturing high-quality sounds on par with those recorded by seasoned professionals. Veteran producer, engineer and author Bill Gibson succinctly presents a wide variety of subjects, including: preproduction • room environments • interfaces • microphone types and techniques • recording drums, guitar, bass, piano, vocals and electronic instruments • studio recording effects • and more.

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