First 50 DJ Techniques You Should Know
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First 50 DJ Techniques You Should Know

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Author: DJ Hapa

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Table of Contents

CONCEPT 2: Basic Music Theory
CONCEPT 3: Mapping Out Songs
CONCEPT 5: Inputs
CONCEPT 6: Mic Controls
CONCEPT 7: Preventing Mic Feedback
CONCEPT 8: Outputs
CONCEPT 9: Cables
CONCEPT 10: Distortion
CONCEPT 11: Choosing Speakers
CONCEPT 12: Setting Up Speakers
CONCEPT 13: Choosing a Rig
CONCEPT 14: Choosing DJ Software
CONCEPT 15: Getting Music
CONCEPT 16: Analyzing Files
CONCEPT 17: Editing Grids
CONCEPT 18: Cues
CONCEPT 19: Hot Cue Strategy
CONCEPT 20: Reading the Waveform
CONCEPT 21: Extending Intros
CONCEPT 22: Different Song Versions
CONCEPT 23: Pre-Cue
CONCEPT 24: Manual Beatmatching
CONCEPT 25: Sync
CONCEPT 26: Tempo Slider/Pitch Slider
CONCEPT 27: Key/Key Lock
CONCEPT 28: Harmonic Mixing
CONCEPT 29: Non-Rhythm FX
CONCEPT 30: Rhythm FX
CONCEPT 31: Changing Tempo
CONCEPT 32: Smoothing Out the Mix
CONCEPT 33: Prepare Mode
CONCEPT 34: Loop Roll
CONCEPT 35: Mixing with Loops
CONCEPT 36: Recording
CONCEPT 37: Vinyl Mode
CONCEPT 38: Slip Mode
CONCEPT 39: Keyboard Shortcuts
CONCEPT 40: Anatomy of the Mix
CONCEPT 41: Organization Part 1—Library Backup
CONCEPT 42: Organization Part 2—Playlists
CONCEPT 43: Instant Doubles Mode
CONCEPT 44: Faders
CONCEPT 45: Virtual Decks
CONCEPT 48: Basic Scratching
CONCEPT 49: Sampler
CONCEPT 50: Quantize

From old-school vinyl records to today's all-digital music platforms, the modern DJ has a huge variety of choices and information to navigate. Look no further than this unique digital book and video reference guide by seasoned pro DJ Hapa, who provides a wealth of insider tips, tricks, and techniques for DJs of all skill levels!

This course covers topics such as: DJ controllers, CDJs and vinyl; choosing gear; beats, bars & phrases; inputs/outputs; using FX; basic scratching; sampling and looping; transitions & beatmatching; and more. There's also over two hours of video tutorials with DJ Hapa and two bonus audio tracks for scratching.

Up your DJ game today!

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  • Auto-resume across devices
  • Quick search, note taking and bookmarking for easy reference
  • Responsive book design, so things look great on mobile too
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