Fingerpower - Level One
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Fingerpower - Level One

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Author: John Wesley

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Table of Contents

1. Two-Finger Phrase (2/4)
2. Two-Finger Phrase (3/4)
3. Two-Finger Phrase (4/4)
4. Three-Finger Phrase (2/4)
5. Three-Finger Phrase (3/4)
6. Three-Finger Phrase (4/4)
7. Four-Finger Phrase (2/4)
8. Four-Finger Phrase (3/4)
9. Four-Finger Phrase (4/4)
10. Five-Finger Acceleration Study
11. Five-Finger Phrase (2/4)
12. Five-Finger Phrase (3/4)
13. Etude for Five Fingers
14. Legato and Staccato
15. Legato and Staccato
16. Staccato Study
17. Staccato Study
18. Intervals of a Third (2/4)
19. Intervals of a Third (3/4)
20. Etude in Broken Thirds
21. Etude in Broken Fourths
22. Etude in Broken Fifths
23. Etude in Thirds
24. Finger Extension Etude
25. Triads
26. Triads
27. Arpeggio Etude
28. Massive Triad Etude
29. Grand Arpeggio Etude

Schaum's #1 selling technic book! The Fingerpower series provides short, progressive exercises to develop strength in all ten fingers.

It's an effective technic for all piano players that's easy to learn and efficient practice for today's busy schedules. Also, it offers versatility for music teachers, as it's easy to teach and use with students of all ages.

Plus, this book supplements ALL piano and keyboard method books!

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