Easy Guitar Chord & Lead Tricks
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Easy Guitar Chord & Lead Tricks

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Author: Jonathan Kehew

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Table of Contents

First-Position Chord Tricks
The D–C–G Trick
The Universal Riff Trick
The Em7 Trick
The E–G–A, One-Finger Blues Trick
Up-The-Neck Chord Tricks
The E–A Trick
The B Trick
The Power-Chord Scale Trick
The One-Finger, Major–Minor Trick
The A–D Trick
The Fmaj7 Trick
The E Major Trick
The Open-String Blues Trick
The Only Two-Chord Blues Trick
The Power Chord–Open String Trick
The Pinky Sixth Trick
The Melodic Shuffle Trick
The Chord Play Trick
Lead Guitar Tricks
The Double Stop Trick
The Box 1 Trick
The Box 1–Box 2 Trick
The Sixth Trick
The Turnaround–Intro Trick
The Dorian Mode Trick
The Mixolydian Mode Trick

Playing guitar can be challenging – there are countless shapes, patterns, and licks to learn, leaving beginners to feel confused or intimidated by the myriad possibilities presented. Guitarist and acclaimed YouTuber Jonathan Kehew gives you accessible tips and tricks to streamline the learning process so that you can be on your way to playing songs and lead lines with ease! Areas explored include: universal riffs • combining box patterns • double-stop licks • turnarounds and intros • using modes • and more. While the book has each example notated, the accompanying videos show you exactly what you need to do, so music reading isn't required.

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