Creating Commercial Music
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Creating Commercial Music

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Author: Peter Bell

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Table of Contents

What Is Commercial Music?
Commercial Music Categories
Who Uses Commercial Music?
Common Commercial Music Terms And Tools
Attributes Of Effective Ad Music
Getting Started
Who Can Make Commercial Music?
Forming Your Business
Music House Roles And Responsibilities
Production Studio Setup
Your Identity: Naming Your Business
Tools For Building Your Commercial Music Business
The Reel
Production Best Practices
Producing The Voiceover
Vocal Casting And Arranging Considerations For Jingle Production
Planning And Producing A Live Recording Session
The Live Recording Process
Mixing And Mastering Audio For Broadcast
Library Music
What Is A Music Library?
The Music Library Business Model
Choosing Music Library Sites
The Library Music Track Package
Intro To Track Package Production
Using Form To Manipulate Length
Search Criteria
The Composer Account
Publishing A Track Package
Direct-to-Business: Creative Concept and Pitch
Advertising Strategy For Direct-to-Business Clients
Other Promotional Tools And Related Expenses
Identifying The Target Audience
Organizing The Message
Pitching A Jingle Directly To A Business
Negotiating A Price
Songwriting for Advertising
Tips On Writing Jingle Lyrics
Song Form
Standard Jingle Form Elements
Creating A Melodic Hook To Emphasize A Message
Special Case: The Musical Logo Without Lyrics
Melodic, Harmonic, And Production Techniques For Emphasis
Melodic Issues In Jingle Writing
Winning an Agency Jingle Project
Case Study: Starting Up Musitech/Bell Music
Getting To Know The Agency Team
The Campaign
Tips On Agency Work
TV Theme Music
Classic TV Themes
Mnemonic Arranging Techniques
Success Breeds Success
Case Study: This Old House Theme
Scoring to Picture
The Functions Of The Score
Scoring Production Tips
Sound Design
Hit Points
Technical Issues In Scoring
Subsequent Work with a Successful Score, Jingle, or Theme
Production Techniques For Subsequent Music House Work
Subsequent Work For A TV Series
Genre Or Style Analysis
TV Producer's Music Toolkit
Getting Paid, Contracts, Agreements, and Industry Practices
Music Copyright
Commercial Music Revenue Flow
Revenue By Client Type
Contracts And Other Paperwork
Demo And Job Bidding
Pop Music And Remakes In Advertising
Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
The Agency New Business Pitch
The Ones That Got Away
Awards/Trade Magazines
The Artist vs. the Journeyman
About the Author

Produce music for profit! Learn to create commercial music for the contemporary marketplace – for advertising, music libraries, TV, and more. This digital book will help you understand the creative, technical/production, and business skills and practices required to produce commercial music.

This step-by-step manual will help you sustain a career as a music creator. Author Peter Bell shares audio and video examples and detailed case studies of his work in the industry, including creating the theme for This Old House, and jingles and scoring for many well-known commercial brands.

You will learn to:

• Produce music for advertising, TV themes, music libraries, and more.

• Market your services to direct-to-business clients as well as advertising agencies and other commercial music consumers.

• Understand the client brief and the expectations and requirements of advertising songs (“jingles”), underscores, library “track packages,” TV music (themes, bumpers, beds), and other formats.

• Produce voiceovers, scores and live ensemble and vocal recording sessions, all with high production values.

• Develop a sustainable business, considering issues such as business structures, staffing roles and responsibilities, facilities, your reel, contracts, competitive bidding, billing, and other essentials of running a successful “music house”.

Start your profitable music business today!

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