Craft of Songwriting
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Craft of Songwriting

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Author: Scarlet Keys

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Table of Contents

PART I: Melody
CHAPTER 1: Setting Your Lyrics
Location, Location, Location
CHAPTER 2: Parts of Speech and the Shape of Language
Words That Carry Meaning: Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs, Nouns
Parts Of Speech With Grammatical Functions: Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Personal Pronouns
Analyzing Lyrics For Placement
CHAPTER 3: Rhythmic Placement: When You Say What You Say
CHAPTER 4: Melodic Design
CHAPTER 5: Developing Melodies
CHAPTER 6: Melodic Hooks
CHAPTER 7: Melodic Schemes
The Question Of Contrast
Melodic Direction
Phrase Length
Line Length
CHAPTER 8: Melody as Tone of Voice
CHAPTER 9: The Magical 6 and 7
CHAPTER 10: Melodic Contour: Contour Narrative
CHAPTER 11: Intervallic Narrative
Beginning Leap
End Leap
Internal Leaps
CHAPTER 12: Melodic Rhythm: Acceleration and Deceleration
CHAPTER 13: Rhythmic Onomatopoeia
CHAPTER 14: Triple Meter
PART II: Harmony: The Emotional Life of Chords
CHAPTER 15: Primary and Secondary Chords
Secondary Chords
CHAPTER 16: Pedal Point
Inverted Pedal
CHAPTER 17: Substitutions for Diatonic Harmony
Substitutions For The Tonic Chord
Substitution For The Subdominant
CHAPTER 18: Expanding the Palette
CHAPTER 19: Stealing Chords
Chords From Further Beyond The Key
CHAPTER 20: Seventh Chords: Major and Dominant
Dominant 7: The Strong Chords
CHAPTER 21: Diminished and Augmented Seventh Chords
Diminished Chords
Diminished 7
I To #I°7
V To #V°7
IV To #IV°
Diminished Chords That Are Not Passing Chords
#V°7 (G#°7)
Half Diminished (or Min7♭5)
Augmented Chords: You Raise Me Up
CHAPTER 22: Suspended, Add, and Power Chords
Suspended Chords
Add Something
Power Chords: Less Is More
CHAPTER 23: Tensions: Mood Enahncers
CHAPTER 24: Writing in a Minor Key
Natural Minor
Adding Tensions In Minor
CHAPTER 25: Modes
CHAPTER 26: Harmonic Rhythm in 4/4
Choosing Harmonic Rhythm
Highlighting With Harmonic Rhythm
CHAPTER 27: Harmonic Rhythm in 3/4
CHAPTER 28: Direct Modulation
CHAPTER 29: Pivot-Chord Modulation
The Intro
The Bridge
PART III: Form: Unforgettable and Signature Song Sections
CHAPTER 30: Intros
CHAPTER 31: Basic song Forms
ABABCB: Adding A Bridge
ABCABCDC: Adding A Prechorus
CHAPTER 32: Hybrid Song Forms
CHAPTER 33: New Song Sections: Post-Chorus, Drop, and Tag

Take your songwriting to the next level! This digital book breaks down the processes used by hit songwriters and dives deeply into the craft of songwriting. Discover the tools and techniques used for creating the melody, harmony, lyrics, and form behind so many great songs.

After reading, you'll access the magic and come out more connected to your heart and craft. Includes audio tracks embedded in the digital book that illustrate the techniques in context, showing you how they affect your song's overall impact.

Start writing better songs today!

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