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Guitar Book

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns

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Table of Contents

About the Author
How to Use This Book
About the Recording
Tuning Notes
Extension Boxes
PATTERN 2: Connecting Patterns 1 and 2
Connecting Patterns 1 And 2
Lick Examples That Combine Patterns 1 And 2
PATTERN 3: Juggling Patterns 1, 2, and 3
PATTERN 4: Connecting, Transferring, and Transposing Patterns
PATTERN 5: Putting It All Together
Snapping In The Final Puzzle Piece
Connecting Pattern 5 To Its Upstairs And Downstairs Neighbors
Neck-Spanning Licks
Patterns 1–5 Of The E Minor Pentatonic Scale
Patterns 1–5 Of The B Minor Pentatonic Scale
"Re-Crafting" Minor Pentatonic Licks
The G Major And D Major Pentatonic Scales
Minor Pentatonic Substitution
Jam Progression 1: Hard Rock Ballad
Jam Progression 2: Dominant Blues Shuffle
Jam Progression 3: Uptempo Hard Rock
Jam Progression 4: "Hip-Hop" Funk Rock
Jam Progression 5: Minor Blues Ballad
Jam Progression 6: Major Key Southern Rock

If you've been finding yourself trapped in the pentatonic box, then Connecting Pentatonic Patterns is for you! This hands-on instructional book offers examples for guitar players of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

The only prerequisites are a basic understanding of the minor pentatonic scale and a desire to expand your fretboard horizons.

Study this book faithfully, and soon you'll be soloing all over the neck with the greatest of ease.

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