Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony
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Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony

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Author: Bert Ligon

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Approaches To Improvisation
Approaches To Improvising On The Harmony
Basic Theory
II. Linear Harmony
Creating The Basic Outlines
III. Embellishing Devices
Passing Tones
Neighbor Tones
Arpeggiated Tones
Chromatic Approaches
Octave Displacement
Encircling Tones
Delayed Resolution
Rhythmic Devices
Adding Notes
Use Of Two Or More Outlines Within Example
Borrowed Chords And Notes
Change Of Direction
IV. Outline No.1
Outline No.1 In Simple Form
Outline No.1 In A Minor Progression
Outline No.1 In Other Progressions
Outline No.1 With Octave Displacements
Outline No.1 With Arpeggiated Tones
Outline No.1 With Chromatic Approach Tones
Outline No.1 With Double Chromatic Approach Tones
Outline No.1: C.E.S.H.
Outline No.1: Chromatic And Rhythm Complexity
Outline No.1 In Combinations Of More Than One Outline
V. Outline No.2
Outline No.2 In Simple Form
Outline No.2 In Minor
Outline No.2 With Notes Added
Outline No.2 With Passing Tones
Outline No.2 In Combinations Of More Than One Outline
Outline No.2 With A Change Of Direction
Outline No.2 Fragments
VI. Outline No.3
Outline No.3 In Simple Form
Outline No.3: C.E.S.H.
Outline No.3 Using A Lower Pivot Note (Arpeggiated Tone Below)
Outline No.3 In Combinations Of More Than One Outline
Outline No.3 With Passing Tones
VII. Outline Fragments
VIII. Outlines in Modal Tunes
IX. Get It in Your PLAYinG
X . Outline Exercises
1. Learn The Basic Outlines:
2. Outlines And Ear Training:
3. Applying Specific Devices To Outline No.1:
4. Applying Specific Devices To Outline No.2:
5. Applying Specific Devices To Outline No.3:
6. Short Exercises Over Typical Progressions:
7. Using Outlines To Connect Other Chords
8. Using Outlines To Connect Other Chords
9. Using Outlines Over Turnaround Progressions
10. Outlines In Key Center Cycles
11. Standard Progression I: Blues In B Flat
12. Standard Progression II: "rhythm Changes"
13. Standard Jazz Progression III: Are You All The Outlines
14. Standard Jazz Progression IV: OUTLINES BY STARLIGHT
15. Standard Jazz Progression V: Blues With Ii - V Substitutions
16. Standard Jazz Progression VI.: Big Strides With Outlines
17. Identifying Outlines
XI. What to Do Next?
Train Your Ears
Appendix I: Three Etudes On Standard Progressions
Appendix II: Lou Donaldson Solo On A Standard Jazz Progression
Appendix III: Tom Harrell Solo On A Standard Progression
Appendix IV: Suggestions For Using Outlines In Jazz Improvisation Classes
Index of Musical Examples by Artist

A study of three basic outlines used in jazz improv and composition, based on a study of hundreds of examples from great jazz artists.

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