Complete Guide to Film Scoring - 2nd Edition
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Complete Guide to Film Scoring - 2nd Edition

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Author: Richard Davis

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Early Films and Music: The Silent Movies
Music Fake Books
CHAPTER 2: The First Talkies: The Beginning of Synchronized Music
CHAPTER 3: The Studio System and The Studio Music Department
The Studio Music Department
Chapter 4: Musical Styles ~1930 to 1950: The Golden Age of Hollywood
New Ideas In Music
Chapter 5: Musical Styles 1950 to 1975
The Arrival Of Television
The New Music And The Composers Writing It
Theme Songs And Rock 'n Roll
Chapter 6: 1975 to Today
Orchestral Scores Return To Stay
Synthesizers And Computers: A Whole New Ballgame
Pop Sounds, Jazz, And Rock 'n' Roll Composers
Chapter 7: Film-Scoring Technology
Film-Scoring Technology Timeline
Synthesizer Technology
Package Deals And Home Studios
Recording Technology
Today's Multitracking Composer
The Composer's Setup
Chapter 8: The Film-Making Process
Decision Makers
Putting It All Together
The Stages Of A Film's Production
Chapter 9: The Composer's Time Frame
The Spotting Session
Different Working Styles
An Ideal Schedule
A Digital World
Chapter 10: Spotting
Chapter 11: The Music Editor
Temp Tracks
Spotting Notes
Master Cue List
Timing Notes
Syncing And Recording
Chapter 12: The Music Team: Orchestrators and Music Preparation
Music Preparation: Copyists
The Composer's Assistant
Chapter 13: The Recording Session and Mix
Overlaps And Segues
Recording Session And Mix
Chapter 14: Creating the Music
Three Cornerstones Of Composition
Chapter 15: Technical Requirements of the Score
Physical Functions
Psychological Functions
Technical Functions
Composing With Synths Vs. Pencil And Paper
Chapter 16: Syncing the Music to Picture
Punches And Streamers
Click Track
Chapter 17: Television
Evolving Styles Of Television Music
Main Titles
Chapter 18: Ethnic and Period Music
Ethnic Music
Period Western Music
Chapter 19: Animation
The Early Days Of Animation
Warner Bros. Cartoons: The Old Style
Animated Dramas: Action Heroes
Animated Dramas: Comedies
Musicals And Songs
Chapter 20: Songs, Soundtracks, and Source Music
Commissioned Songs
Source Music
Soundtrack Albums
Music Supervisor
Chapter 21: Making the Deal: Agents, Attorneys, and Contracts
Agents And Attorneys
Composer Fees
Package Deals
Chapter 22: Publishing and Copyrights
What Is A Copyright?
What Is A "Published" Work?
Registering A Copyright
Copyright Protection
The Rights Of The Copyright Owner
Copyright Infringement
Sync Licenses
Work Made For Hire
Chapter 23: Royalties
Performance Royalties
Small Rights And Grand Rights
Royalties From Theatrical Performances Of Films
Mechanical Royalties
Real Dollars
Internet Royalties
Chapter 24: Demos and Marketing
Demos For Web Sites And CDs
Web Site
Demo CDs And DVDs
DVD Demos
Promo Package
Chapter 25: Finding Work
Composer's Assistant
Trailers And Music Libraries
Cold Calls And Submissions
PART V: Interviews
Elmer Bernstein
Terence Blanchard
Alf Clausen
Cliff Eidelman
Danny Elfman
Richard Gibbs
Elliot Goldenthal
Michael Gorfaine & Sam Schwartz
Harry Gregson-Williams
Mark Isham
Michael Kamen
Mark Mancina
David Newman
David Raksin
Lolita Ritmanis
William Ross
Marc Shaiman
Alan Silvestri
Mark Snow
Richard Stone
Shirley Walker
End Notes
About the Author

Essential for anyone interested in the business, process and procedures of writing music for film or television, this digital book teaches the Berklee approach to the art, covering topics such as: preparing and recording a score, contracts and fees, publishing, royalties, copyrights and much more.

This digital book features interviews with 21 top film-scoring professionals, including Michael Kamen, Alf Clausen, Alan Silvestri, Marc Shaiman, Mark Snow, Harry Gregson-Williams and Elmer Bernstein. It's also been updated with info on today's latest technology, and invaluable insights into finding work in the industry.

This is a great place to start your journey into the art and business of writing music for movies and TV.

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