The 11 Contracts that Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know
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The 11 Contracts that Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know

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Author: Steve Gordon

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Table of Contents

Management Agreements
Introduction: The Role Of The Manager
Pro-Manager Agreement
Pro-Artist Agreement
Production Company Deals ( . . . and the Contract From Hell Which No Artist Should Sign)
Introduction: Production Companies Should Shop Artists, Not Exploit Them
The Contract From Hell That You Should Never Sign
Fair Shopping Deal
Artist Recording Contracts With Record Companies
Introduction: Recording Contracts That An Artist Should Sign
License For Single Album
Exclusive Artist Agreement With Indie Label
Single Deal With Major Label With An Option For Second Single
A Simple Guide to Sync Deals
Introduction: Signing The Best Sync Deal Possible
Mtv Music Submission Form: A Terrible Deal For Artists, Songwriters, And Producers
A Good Deal For The Artist, Songwriter, And Producer Involving Music For A National Commercial Campaign
Fair, But Not Great Sync License For Music In A Tv Docudrama
Producer Agreements
Introduction: Three Contracts Every Music Producer Should Know, How Artists Should Deal With Producers, And What A Producer Should Ask For
Simple Work For Hire Deal For The Sale Of A Beat
Rights Transferred: Work For Hire
Royalty And Credit For Producer
Royalty, Credit Plus Publishing Royalty For Producer
Music Publishing and Songwriter Contracts
Introduction: Everything You Need To Know About Music Publishing And Basic Publishing Agreements: Single Song, Exclusive Term, Co-Pub, And Admin Deals
Music Licensing Representation Agreement
Co-Publishing Agreement
Music and the Movies: Composer Agreements (Written With Robert Seigal, Esq.)
Introduction: What A Composer For A Movie Should Get In Writing, And Licensing Prerecorded Music For A Film
Pro-Film Producer Agreement
Composer-Friendly Agreement
Agreement For A Single Song For A Film
Live Performance and Booking agreements (a Lawyer's Guide to Structuring Paid Music Gigs)
Introduction: Passing The Hat—the Tip Jar, Dealing With Venues, And Using Promoters
Interview With An Indie Rock Promoter
Interview With Promoter And Publicist, Fiona Bloom
Performance Engagement Agreement
Interview With Spike Wilner, Jazz Pianist And Co-Owner Of Smalls Jazz Club In Nyc
The Smallslive Artists' Internet Revenue Share Agreement
Music Video Production Contracts
Introduction: Before You Shoot A Music Video, Read This Legal Guide
Video Production Agreement
Personal Release
Location Release
Band Agreements and Essential Business Actions
Introduction: Essential Business Actions Any Band Or Artist Should And Can Do Without Incurring Legal Fees
Writers' Split Sheet For Single Song
Band Name Agreement
Interview With Irving Azoff
Band Agreement: Equal Partners
Investment Agreements
Introduction: How To Structure A Fair Deal
Pro-Artist Agreement
Pro-Investor Agreement

Most people regard legal contracts with an inherent suspicion. Having heard scores of horror stories, we in the music business, whether artists, songwriters, producers, or management, are especially cautious – perhaps even paranoid – of any binding agreement, and with good reason.

If you could better understand the most common – and important – documents in the game, wouldn't you? Steve Gordon, an entertainment attorney with over twenty years of experience in the industry, is making just such an offer with his latest book, The 11 Contracts That Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know.

The 11 Contracts is an in-depth guide intended to assist any aspirant wary of navigating the music biz or struggling to interpret its insular jargon. This no-nonsense book follows a refreshingly simple format: Gordon presents a sample agreement, then breaks down the nuances of both the legal and business sides of the arrangement.

Subjects covered include:

• Management Agreements
• Production Company and New Artist
• Indie Label Deals
• Sync Licenses
• Producer Agreements
• Music Publishing Deals
• Composer Agreements
• Live Performance Contracts
• Music Video Production Contracts
• Band Agreements
• Business Actions Artists Can Take Without an Attorney
• Investment Agreements

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