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101 Hammond B-3 Tips - Stuff All the Pros Know and Use

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Author: Brian Charette

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Table of Contents

The Jimmy Smith Setting
The Half-Fat Setting
The Mel Rhyne Setting
The Erroll Garner Setting
The Groove Holmes Setting
The Keith Emerson Setting
The Steve Winwood Setting
The Rod Argent Setting
The Gospel Setting
The Percussion-Only Setting
The Jon Lord Setting
The Procul Harem Setting
The Soulful Setting
The New Jazz Setting
The Ethel Smith Setting
The Clarinet Setting
The Larry Goldings Setting #1
The Larry Goldings Setting #2
The Country Setting
The Silk Setting
The Larry Young Setting
The Jesse Crawford Setting
The Brian Auger Setting
The Charles Earland Setting
The Oboe Setting
The "Amazing Grace" Setting
The "Born to Be Wild" Setting
The Xylophone Setting
The Ballad Setting
The Diapason Setting
Black Preset Key Wah-Wah
The Reggae Bubble
Windmill Chops
Unplug the White Cords
The Symmetry of the Diminished Scale
The Bebop Scales
Turning the Thing On
Pitch Bend
The Harlem Down-and-Dirty Pedals 101 Course
The Harlem First-Set Heel Thump
The Harlem Last-Set Toe Tap
Minor Pentatonic for Minor 7th Chords
Minor Pentatonic for Major 7th Chords
Minor Pentatonic for Dominant 7th Chords
The Insen Scale
The Hirajoshi Scale
Hungarian Major and Minor Scales
Voice Chords in 4ths
Triads from Scales
Another Guru
Pedals on Ballads
Jon Lord 4th Ending
Jon Lord Harmonic Minor
Two Manual Lines
The Squabble Black-Key Slap
Don't Vibe Me
Lower-Manual Gospel
The Match Book Trick
Thumb Slide in Line
Push in Low Bars While Playing
Four Family Shapes
C.T. Bass Pump
Lower Manual Blues
Slow Decay
Two-Handed Funk
Triplet Slap
Where to Oil
Use a Dolly
Pent Skip Note
Drawbar Differences
Trick with Last Bar and Percussion
I Got the Shakes
Diminished Major 9th Chord
Jazz Layout
My Diminished Scale
Jimmy Smith Pedals
Melody with Left Hand
Melodic Minor Harmony
Locrian and Super Locrian Harmony
Big Hammond Voicings
Augmented Scale
B Major Augmented Scale Over "Giant Steps"
Nicolas Slonimsky
McCoy Piano Voicings
A Form and B Form
Drawbar Foldback
Messiaen Mode 3 for Sean Wayland
Messiaen Mode 7
Sit Up Straight
Work Out
Sound Different
Music Is the Easy Part
Don't Cancel Gigs
Don't Transcribe
Don't Practice
Maintain Perspective
Plough Diligently
Get Social
Have Fun
Make Friends

Learn all the stuff the pros know and use when approaching the mighty Hammond B3!

This book contains tips, suggestions, advice, musical examples, and other useful information garnered through a lifetime of Hammond organ study and professional gigging.

Included in the book are dozens of entries gleaned from firsthand experience, including: funky scales and modes; unconventional harmonies; creative chord voicings; cool drawbar settings; ear-grabbing special effects; professional gigging advice; practicing effectively; making good use of the pedals; and much more!

Grammy-nominated Hammond organist Brian Charette has established himself as a leading voice in modern jazz. An integral part of the New York City jazz scene, he was worked with such notable artists as Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Lou Donaldson, and countless others.

Brian regularly writes master classes for Keyboard magazine and is a Nord-endorsed artist. He also gives seminars and teaches private lessons all over the world.

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