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Ableton Live Tutorial

Ableton Live Tips & Tricks

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    Tutorial 1

    Autopan Gate


    Learn a lesser known use for Ableton Live's built in Autopanner.

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    Tutorial 2

    Delays into Flangers


    See how to use the built-in delay to create a tuneable chorus / flanger rack.

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    Tutorial 3

    The Double Track Rack


    Create your own instant double tracking rack to create wide, phat sounds.

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    Tutorial 4

    Fun with Inverting


    Prevent effects from robbing volume from your mix by using phase inversion and natural cancellation of sound.

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    Tutorial 5

    Multiband Split Effects


    Discover the 'better' way to create a multiband split signal and apply effects to each part, even multiband sidechaining.

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    Tutorial 6

    Inline NY Compression


    Learn how to set up and use inline parallel compression without the use of sends New York style.

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    Tutorial 7

    Wet / Dry Knob


    See how to add a wet / dry parameter to any built-in or 3rd party effect in Ableton Live.


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    Tutorial 8

    Oversampling & High Quality


    Learn why high quality doesn't always result in 'high quality'.

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    Tutorial 9



    Discover how that handy EQ3 may actually be causing you headaches along the way.

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    Tutorial 10

    Utility Volume


    Get a quick tip on how to make complex volume automation bend to your will.


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    Tutorial 11

    Borrowing Grooves


    Learn how to pull MIDI data from any musical material and how to modify it to suit your needs.

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    Tutorial 12

    Chromatic Sampling


    See how to use Ableton Live like a giant sampler and create your own chromatically playable samples without using any plug-ins.

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    Tutorial 13

    MIDI Mangling


    Discover how easy it is to generate, route and mangle MIDI data in Ableton Live, and generate your own 'happy accidents'.

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    Tutorial 14

    MIDI Warping


    Explore the hidden MIDI stretching features in Ableton Live.

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    Tutorial 15

    Multi Envelopes & Transient Shaping


    Learn how to make your own multistage envelopes and transient shapers, without any plug-ins.

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    Tutorial 16

    Never Ending MIDI Note


    Learn how to create a never ending MIDI note in Ableton Live for long effects and or sounds.

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    Tutorial 17

    Random Session Automation


    Use MIDI loopback to generate random automation for any parameter in Session View.

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    Tutorial 18

    Return Feedback Loops


    Watch the different ways to use the sends to create dub like feedback loops.

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    Tutorial 19

    Time Synced Simpler


    Learn how to add the much missed BPM sync to Simpler.

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    Tutorial 20

    Tuning Samples


    Discover how to tune any sample to play properly on your MIDI Controller keyboard.

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    Tutorial 21

    Vocoder Shaker


    See how to use Ableton Live's built in vocoder to create shaker and hi-hat loops out of anything.


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    Tutorial 22

    Default Presets


    Explore the different ways to set and use the default presets.

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    Tutorial 23

    Slicing Presets


    Discover how to design your own beat slicing presets for any style of music.

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    Tutorial 24

    Frozen Bits


    Learn a seldom used trick regarding frozen tracks and the different bit depths Ableton Live uses, and how to possibly save some hard drive space.

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    Tutorial 25

    Impulse Secret Group


    Learn about the hidden choke feature in Impulse and how it can improve realistic drum programming.

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    Tutorial 26

    MP3 Housekeeping


    Discover that Ableton Live doesn't actually play MP3 files and a tip on how to save a bunch of hard drive space for DJs.

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    Tutorial 27



    Learn how to do phase accurate warping on multiple tracks simultaneously.

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    Tutorial 28

    One Button Live Looping


    Learn how to create perfect 1 - 8 bar loops using 1 button when using Ableton Live 'live'.

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    Tutorial 29

    Template Setup


    Speed up initial song creation time by making your own custom auto-loading template.

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    Tutorial 30

    User Remote Scripts Intro


    Delve into the unsupported User Remote Scripts and discover how to make all of Ableton Live's parameters automatically map to any MIDI controller.

"Ableton Live Tips & Tricks" is presented by remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan, whose remixes have reached #1 on the UK dance charts and placed high on US Billboard, DMC and Australia ARIA charts. In this series, Tim digs deep into his Ableton Live locker and shows you the tips and tricks he uses most when working in Ableton Live.

Tim starts the series out with inspiring effect tricks that will improve your production's sound and impact, then covers cool mixing and production tips designed to open new doors when working in Ableton Live. Finally, Tim wraps up the offering with important workflow suggestions that will speed up your production process and make your life in Ableton Live easier, more enjoyable and productive.

Move your Ableton Live knowledge up a notch and improve your workflow and creativity with these awesome power packed tips and tricks from remix superstar Timothy Allan today.

Submitted 7 months ago

Super Tips & Tricks

thanks a lot for very very good Tips & Tricks Very helpful Very clever Very intresting I love GROOVE3

I am a: Musician, Sound Designer, Student

Ease of Use
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Submitted 9 months ago

another excellent tutorial series from tim allan

a raft of tips and tricks beyond the usual ones you find on the web. this series covers really useful stuff that you will use every time you produce, faster workflows, intelligent production and groovy edits.

I am a: Producer

Ease of Use
Quality of Videos
Value of Training
Access to Videos

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

As a very young kid my parents signed me up for piano lessons. My mom said if I quit that I would regret it later on in life, but I thought piano lessons were boring! Electronic music was a natural progression for me from those early days, it let me combine my love of technology and all things nerdy with a love of loud and strange noises.

2. What training have you had?

I've had years and years of training from a good friend of mine named "The Internet", and before him my other good pal "Trial and Error". 

3. When did you get into recording?

The wonder of synthesis and certain electronic music is that you never really have to record anything if you don't want to! Although I do remember way back in the day recording found sounds on an old garage sale cassette recorder I bought, and using those samples in old school Trackers on the Apple II.

4. People you have worked with/for?

I've worked with, and for, a whole bunch of fantastic people so far. Some of the more popular ones include Empire of the Sun, Dirty South, Ash, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Kennedy, Hong Kong Blondes, Loverush UK, Molly Bancroft, Made by Monkeys, Tiff Lacey, Marcie, Offer Nissim and Kirsty Hawkshaw. Madonna chose a track I made for a compilation she released, although she never called or took me for lunch! That really doesn't count as 'working with' does it!?

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I'm good at training people because I remember what it was like to be the newbie, and I try and go over things that I would have found interesting and cool, back when I was starting out. I take the time to learn the techniques inside and out, and then break that down quickly for people.

Products by Timothy

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    tutorial video

    Ableton Live Tips & Tricks

    Ableton Live Tips & Tricks is presented by Timothy Allan, whose remixes have reached #1 on the dance charts. Tim shows you the tips and tricks he uses.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Bitwig Studio Explained

    Bitwig Studio is a new, dynamic software solution for music creation and performance to realize all of your musical ideas in every stage of production, and studio wiz Timothy Allan is just the man to show you how it all works! This is the most comprehensive Bitwig Studio video title available, so follow along and see just how awesome this DAW really is.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Builds, Fills & FX in Logic Pro X

    Dance music master Timothy Allan is back with a tutorial on how to make your dance tracks slam with cool builds, fills, and creative use of effects, keeping people on their feet.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Deconstructing Future House

    In this music production tutorial series hit dance music producer Timothy Allan deconstructs a Future House track, showing you exactly how every element of a Future House song contributes to the final result. Shown in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, you’ll learn how to make Future House music and what it takes to get amazing results.

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    tutorial video

    Finishing a Club Track in Live 9

    Following on the heels of his smash hit series "Starting a Club Track with Live 9", Timothy Allan is back with the sequel, "Finishing a Club Track with Live 9". In this series, Timothy shows you how to arrange and finalize the beats and grooves created in the first series and make it sound like a world-class club track. Timothy even includes the Live session file and samples so you can work and experiment along with him.

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Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan is back and ready to show that you don't need any fancy third party plug-ins or instruments to make a great track in Live 9. In this series Timothy starts a club track using randomly selected samples, with Live 9 instruments and processing only! Timothy also includes his Live session file and samples so you can work and experiment along with him.

Ableton Live Tips & Tricks is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Super Tips & Tricks thanks a lot for very very good Tips & Tricks Very helpful Very clever Very intresting I love GROOVE3
Date published: 2016-09-05
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from another excellent tutorial series from tim allan a raft of tips and tricks beyond the usual ones you find on the web. this series covers really useful stuff that you will use every time you produce, faster workflows, intelligent production and groovy edits.
Date published: 2016-07-03