Blue Cat Audio Tutorials


Blue Cat Audio Destructor Explained

Blue Cat Audio is ready to destroy the world in a great sounding way with their new Destructor plug-in. Learn all about this awesome sonic manipulator with your host Scottie Dugan in these in-depth video tutorials.

Blue Cat Audio MB-7 Mixer Explained

Studio guru Eli Krantzberg explores Blue Cat Audio’s MB-7 Mixer and explains how it splits your source audio into different frequency bands and then process each band like a separate track. It also lets you host VST and AU plugs for even more creative possibilities!

Using Audio Units in a VST Environment

Do you have some great Audio Unit plug-ins but your DAW only supports VST? Well studio master Brock Jon comes to the rescue with a video tutorial series demonstrating how you can use your Audio Unit plug-ins in a "VST plug-in only" environment. Yeah!