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Voices of Reason Vol 1

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  • Powerful Drums Pt. 1 15:12

    Powerful Drums Pt. 1

    In contemporary electronic genres such as Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass, you need real power in your drums if you want your tracks to stand out and sound professional. In this video you'll learn how to route Reason's Kong Drum Designer for multitrack drum production. You'll then learn about EQing your kick and snare effectively and you'll watch Al start to build the basis of a simple Dubstep beat.

  • Powerful Drums Pt. 2 14:30

    Powerful Drums Pt. 2

    In part two you'll build on what you made in part one by adding a breakbeat to your Dubstep beat. You'll then explore parallel compression and side-chain compression, two very important production techniques which will really help fatten up your drums and allow them to cut through even when you've got a monster bass line on the track!

  • Powerful Drums Pt. 3 13:55

    Powerful Drums Pt. 3

    Explore drum production in a slightly different genre. In part 3 you'll get a re-cap of what you learnt in part 1 and you'll start programming a UK Funky / Tropical Bass drumbeat. Also discover some more tips and tricks that Kong has to offer including layering a snare and tom together for a fatter timbre.

  • Powerful Drums Pt. 4 16:43

    Powerful Drums Pt. 4

    In this video you'll continue making your tropical beat and learn new techniques in Kong, including making use of its pad's alternative 'hit modes' to trigger different samples or different sections of a REX loop. You'll then look at some of Kong's built in FX and it's ability to sample incoming audio by re-sampling some white noise. You'll also learn how to use parallel compression and side-chain compression to further enhance your beat like. By the time you're done you'll have a very funky and percussive beat with kick, snare, clap, hi-hat loop, tom fill, snare roll and filtered white noise.

Product Overview

The Voices of Reason are here! Reason super user Al Swettenham shows you in-depth production techniques as well as tips & tricks on creating authentic sounding productions in different genres. Vol 1 focuses on big, powerful drums in the styles of Dub Step and U.K. Tropical House.

Al starts of with importing drum samples and building your Reason rack with samplers, compressors, EQ's and effects. He then shows you how to program the beats, apply parallel compression, sidechain compression as well as how to EQ your drums to make them punchy and powerful.

If you want to make authentic radio sounding productions in Reason, this collection is an absolutely must see. Watch "Voices of Reason Vol 1" today.

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