Sonnox Pro-Codec Explained®

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 29min 24sec
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  • Introduction 8:27


    In this video Mike outlines the workflow and the three modes the Pro-Codec can function in. Also covered is the range of hosts that Pro-Codec will work with and in this course Mike will be using Pro Tools. The information however applies to any DAW using the plug-in.

  • Which Codec to Use? 8:09

    Which Codec to Use?

    Mike gives and in-depth explanation of the different codecs, both lossy and lossless and the pros & cons for each one.

  • Overview Pt. 1 12:28

    Overview Pt. 1

    In this video Mike shows how the different sections of the Online section of Pro-Codec work.

  • Overview Pt. 2 15:56

    Overview Pt. 2

    Mike continues his in-depth overview of the Pro-Codec plug-in.

  • Online Worked Example Pt. 1 12:19

    Online Worked Example Pt. 1

    In this video Mike undertakes to demonstrate how to use the plug-in in the Online mode with multiple Codecs, showing how to create perceptually encoded files in real-time.

  • Online Worked Example Pt. 2 14:07

    Online Worked Example Pt. 2

    Mike continues to demonstrate how to use the Pro-Codec plug-in with multiple codecs in real-time.

  • Online or Offline? 3:49

    Online or Offline?

    In this video Mike shows the pros and cons of using Pro-Codec in Offline or Online Mode.

  • Offline Worked Example 6:21

    Offline Worked Example

    In this video Mike explores how to use the plug-in in the Offline mode with multiple Codecs, showing how to create perceptually encoded files from existing files.

  • Decode Mode 2:30

    Decode Mode

    In this Video Mike explains how to use Pro-Codec in Offline Decoding mode to convert perceptually encoded files that the host doesn't support.

  • Preset Management & Metadata 5:18

    Preset Management & Metadata

    This video covers the management of presets and session data handling, including internal data, other data and the preset manager, as well as how the Pro-Codec plug-in handles metadata.

Product Overview

Presented by Pro-Tools-Expert.com leader Mike Thornton, this collection of in-depth video tutorials will completely reveal all there is to know about the indispensable Sonnox Pro-Codec plug-in.

Mike starts with the basics such as what the plug-in does, its workflow and modes, which codec to use, and a detailed GUI overview. He then shows you how to use the plug-in with multiple codecs running for different applications and the pros and cons of Offline and Online modes. Mike wraps up the series with important preset and session data management tips.

If you publish audio for the web, iTunes or just make MP3's for your iPod, this plug-in and series is a must have... Watch "Sonnox Pro-Codec Explained" today.

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