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Reason Effects Explained® - Vol 2

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Chapter 1 : BV512 Digital Vocoder

  • BV512: First Look 6:00

    BV512: First Look

    Learning about using a vocoder, modulators and carriers and the settings of the BV512 in Reason.

  • Vocoder Routing 11:21

    Vocoder Routing

    Using basic routing examples to show how a vocoder affects your sound. Looking at the input and output routing in the BV512 to understand what makes our sound.

  • Vocoder Settings 11:52

    Vocoder Settings

    Digging deeper into the front panel settings, rear panel CV options and individual band outputs to learn more about the BV512.

  • BV512: Creative Possibilities 9:01

    BV512: Creative Possibilities

    Looking at some new techniques and non-standard applications for the BV512 Digital Vocoder.

Chapter 2 : Neptune Pitch Adjuster

  • Neptune: First Look 7:04

    Neptune: First Look

    Identifying all of Neptune's settings and modes, and learning the meaning of each control in the device.

  • Pitch Adjustment 12:24

    Pitch Adjustment

    Using the Neptune for simple pitch correction. Including using scales, using MIDI input and fine-tuning Neptune for realistic pitch correction.

  • Voice Synth 6:31

    Voice Synth

    Using the Neptune's Voice Synth for new sounds as well as harmonies and backing tracks to your vocals. Also looking at the rear panel audio routing.

  • Neptune: Creative Possibilities 7:56

    Neptune: Creative Possibilities

    Using the Neptune for creative effects, including popular effects from modern pop and hip-hop and some inspiring ideas.

Chapter 3 : Line 6 Amps

  • Line 6: First Look 4:33

    Line 6: First Look

    Looking at both the Guitar and Bass Amps and the differences between their front panels and settings.

  • Guitar Amps 9:49

    Guitar Amps

    Examining the sounds of the available guitar amps and guitar cabinets, as well as the settings of the Line 6 Guitar Amp device.

  • Bass Amps 6:47

    Bass Amps

    Examining the sounds of the bass amps and cabinets in Reason and the settings of the Line 6 Bass Amp device.

  • Line 6: Creative Possibilities 12:21

    Line 6: Creative Possibilities

    Creative ideas for using the Line 6 products in your songs, including double-tracking with an amp device and amplifying synth devices.

Chapter 4 : Pulverizer

  • Pulverizer: First Look 8:09

    Pulverizer: First Look

    Identifying and learning a bit about each section of the device as well as naming the functions of each control.

  • Squash/Dirt/Filter 9:58


    Looking at the Squash, Dirt and Filter sections, as well as the signal routing and tone functions, to learn more about how to adjust compression and distortion to taste on the Pulverizer.

  • Tremor/Follower 9:30


    A deeper look at the Tremor/LFO section and the Follower and it's various settings.

  • Pulverizer: Creative Possibilities 10:06

    Pulverizer: Creative Possibilities

    Learning some new and inspiring techniques for using the Pulverizer.

Chapter 5 : Half-Rack Effects

  • RV-7 Digital Reverb 10:58

    RV-7 Digital Reverb

    Looking at the original reverb available in Reason and its 10 available algorithms and settings.

  • DDL-1 Digital Delay Line 7:51

    DDL-1 Digital Delay Line

    An up-close view of the Digital Delay and using delay in both milliseconds and steps.

  • D-11 Foldback Distortion 4:20

    D-11 Foldback Distortion

    Showing the effect of the foldback distortion device and it's settings, as well as understanding how it fundamentally operates to shape sounds.

  • ECF-42 13:28


    Looking at using an envelope controlled filter and it's various modes and settings.

  • CF-101 Chorus/Flanger 6:40

    CF-101 Chorus/Flanger

    Using the chorus device and understanding the differences between chorus and flanging. Also covering Send Mode for use in auxiliary chains.

  • PH-90 Phaser 6:55

    PH-90 Phaser

    The Phaser device is shown here, including all it's settings and wide range of effects.

  • UN-16 Unison 4:58

    UN-16 Unison

    Showing the effect of the Unison device and looking at each of it's settings.

  • COMP-01 8:23


    Looking at the simple half-rack compressor and limiter device up-close.

  • PEQ-2 3:46


    Showing how to use both bands of the simple EQ half-rack device.

  • Spider Merger & Splitters 7:44

    Spider Merger & Splitters

    Using CV and Audio Merger and Splitters to route signals through different devices and effects chains.

Chapter 6 : The Mixing Console

  • Mixing Console: First Look 8:04

    Mixing Console: First Look

    Identifying and understanding the signal chain of the mixer and it's effects sections.

  • Dynamics 14:47


    A deeper look at the mixer's compression and gating and their various modes. Also looking at the Master Compressor.

  • EQ 12:49


    Looking at the ranges and modes in the modeled mixer EQ, and learning how to use it to shape our tracks.

  • Mixer Inserts 8:37

    Mixer Inserts

    Learning about the Insert Effect slots and how they relate to the Mix Channel Insert Section.

  • Mixer Sends 6:13

    Mixer Sends

    Looking at using the 8 available Mixer Sends. Routing and signal path are both discussed.

  • Advanced Mixer Routing 12:39

    Advanced Mixer Routing

    Learning more about how to use the mixer to it's full potential by taking advantage of the routing options both in the channel strips and the Master channel.

Chapter 7 : Tie it Together

  • Critical Analysis 11:29

    Critical Analysis

    Learning to use what we now know about the effects and their functions to analyze Combinator and effect patches and learn even more about what Reason is capable of.

  • Tie It Together 9:23

    Tie It Together

    Using the tools we've gained from previous videos to express ourselves more creatively in our productions.

Product Overview

The definitive guides to Reason's Effects are now available! If you want to get the most from Reason's amazing built-in effects, look no further. Reason guru Sedric Pieretti has now brought his powerful insight to his 2 volume series showcasing Reason's hi-quality, built-in effects. Sedric gives you overviews, detailed explanations, creative uses for every effect device and more!

In Volume 2, Sedric hits the ground running, starting with the BV512 Vocoder, then the Neptune Pitch Adjuster, the Line 6 Amp collection, the awesome Pulverizer, all of the half-rack devices, the Mixing console and finally 2 videos on "tying it all together".

Sedric deeply breaks each device down with a "First Look", then goes into every feature and function for the featured effect device. He then gives you a "Creative Possibilities" video showing the effect device in action and some tips and tricks for utilizing all of its sonic possibilities.

If you use Reason and its effect devices for your productions, this series is a must have. Arm yourself with the knowledge to get the most from these awesome effects... Watch "Reason Effects Explained Vol 2" today.

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