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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 1:06


    An overview of what you will learn in Reason 6 Explained.

  • Installation & Setup 2:07

    Installation & Setup

    Installing Reason 6 and the Factory Sound Bank and getting through the registration process.

  • First Look 4:45

    First Look

    After opening Reason 6 for the first time, we take our first look at the various sections of the interface.

Chapter 2 : Preferences

  • General Preferences 5:18

    General Preferences

    Taking a look at the general preferences section to adjust some of Reason's behavior.

  • Audio Preferences 4:18

    Audio Preferences

    Optimizing our audio preferences to suit our hardware and computer configuration.

  • Keyboards & Control Surfaces 4:30

    Keyboards & Control Surfaces

    Setting up our MIDI-capable keyboards and control surfaces for use in Reason 6.

  • Advanced Preferences 4:17

    Advanced Preferences

    Configuring Reason to be controlled by our external MIDI gear, as well as setting clock sync and the scratch recording folder.

  • Computer Keyboard 1:34

    Computer Keyboard

    Setting up your QWERTY keyboard for use with Reason 6.

Chapter 3 : Understanding the Interface

  • Working with Songs 4:24

    Working with Songs

    Learning to open, close, create and save songs, as well as manage our song files.

  • Using the Rack 4:58

    Using the Rack

    Looking at the rack and learning how to navigate and add devices.

  • Using the Sequencer 7:10

    Using the Sequencer

    Understanding the fundamental elements and tools in the sequencer. Learning how to identify channels, tracks and clips and how to use the transport controls.

  • Working with Tracks 9:28

    Working with Tracks

    An in-depth view of using tracks and clips to record our audio and MIDI. Taking our first steps towards recording.

  • Advanced Sequencer Tools 19:59

    Advanced Sequencer Tools

    Looking at some of the advanced functions of the sequencer, including loop mode, edit mode, snap and blocks.

  • The Mixer Pt. 1 5:52

    The Mixer Pt. 1

    Learning about the SSL-modeled mixer in Reason 6 and it's wide variety of functions, including EQ, dynamics, gating and auxiliary sends.

  • The Mixer Pt. 2 5:50

    The Mixer Pt. 2

    Learning about the SSL-modeled mixer in Reason 6 and it's wide variety of functions, including EQ, dynamics, gating and auxiliary sends.

  • The Mixer Pt. 3 6:58

    The Mixer Pt. 3

    Learning about the SSL-modeled mixer in Reason 6 and it's wide variety of functions, including EQ, dynamics, gating and auxiliary sends.

  • The Master Section 7:08

    The Master Section

    Understanding and using the Master Section, the Hardware Device and the Big Meter. Including Audio I/O, Advanced MIDI and Big Meter monitor modes.

Chapter 4 : Making Music

  • Using Instruments 5:12

    Using Instruments

    Learning to create and route instruments in Reason 6 so we can make music.

  • Working with MIDI 8:42

    Working with MIDI

    Learning to record and playback MIDI data using regions and tracks. Also learning about overdubs, alternate recordings and quantization.

  • Working with Audio 12:58

    Working with Audio

    Using and creating audio files in Reason 6, as well as managing our audio files and takes.

  • Using Automation 7:13

    Using Automation

    Automating parameters in Reason 6 to achieve our musical goals.

  • Working with Patterns 15:16

    Working with Patterns

    Learning to program, sequence and manipulate patterns. Also, showing how to take our patterns from the devices to our tracks for editing and adjusting.

  • Working with Patches 5:37

    Working with Patches

    Understanding how to use patches. Browsing, recalling, loading, saving, initializing and basic editing are all covered here.

  • Routing Devices 13:47

    Routing Devices

    Showing our routing options using instruments, effects and channels. Including some creative routing examples.

Chapter 5 : The Devices

  • Synthesizers 8:06


    A brief look at Reason's built-in synths, including Subtractor, Malstrom and Thor.

  • Samplers 10:23


    An overview of Reason's samplers and their functions, including the NN-19, NN-XT, Redrum, Dr. Octo Rex and Kong.

  • Effects & Other Devices 11:25

    Effects & Other Devices

    Looking at the variety of effects and functional devices in Reason 6 to better understand the tools we have to shape our sounds and compositions.

Chapter 6 : Sampling

  • Quick Sampling 3:14

    Quick Sampling

    A look at the basic methods of sampling into Reason 6 devices. Also, learning the necessary routing to begin sampling.

  • Editing Samples 6:51

    Editing Samples

    Using Reason's internal sample edit window to manipulate and edit our samples. Also, looking at the ways in which Reason saves and organizes our samples.

  • Creative Sampling 7:22

    Creative Sampling

    Using advanced sampling techniques to create new sounds and free ourselves from device limitations. Including re-sampling and sampling through devices.

Chapter 7 : Using ReWire

  • ReWire into Logic 6:47

    ReWire into Logic

    Understanding the principles of ReWire and learning how to use Reason with Logic.

  • ReWire into Pro Tools 3:28

    ReWire into Pro Tools

    Applying what we've learned about ReWire to work with Pro Tools.

Chapter 8 : Finishing Up

  • Exporting Audio & Sharing 6:31

    Exporting Audio & Sharing

    Learning the various ways in which we can export our Reason compositions as audio files. Including Bounce Mixer Channels, Export Song and Export Loop. Also covered here are Song Self-Contain and Song Information settings.

  • Tie It All Together 4:10

    Tie It All Together

    Using what we've learned to look at the big picture in Reason 6 and try to use our understanding to further ourselves musically.

Product Overview

Want to make Reason 6 your "go to" DAW? Well get ready for in-depth coverage that will make using the new Reason 6 a breeze. Reason super user Sedric Pieretti shows you Reason 6 from top to bottom and everything in between so you can start making music today.

Designed for the new or intermediate Propellerhead Reason 6 user, Sedric shows you the important basics and "not so basic" features and functions found in the new Reason 6. From installation, setting preferences, understanding the user interfaces, working with MIDI and Audio tracks, to all the synths, samplers and effects, Sedric has you covered. He even explains the new sampling features, using ReWire, exporting and sharing your songs and so much more.

If you're ready for Reason 6, our training videos are ready for you. Know your stuff, Get Reason 6 Explained today.

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