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DJ with Ableton Live - Vol 1

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  • The Browser 5:40

    The Browser

    The browser is where you access files and import them into your Live project. Learn about the layout, bookmarking folders, tips for advanced uses, as well as previewing sounds.

  • Understanding Decoding Cache 4:41

    Understanding Decoding Cache

    This tutorial focuses on how Live deals with compressed files such as mp3's. This video will help you understand the Decoding Cache and how to manage your various imported files and optimize file size and storage space for your imported files.

  • Intro to Warping 6:47

    Intro to Warping

    Warping is the cornerstone of how Live controls sync and tempo for audio files. Understanding warping is fundamental to optimizing your DJ sets within Live.

  • Warping Constant Tempo 7:45

    Warping Constant Tempo

    This tutorial focuses on warping full length tracks with a constant tempo, such as house, electronica, techno, etc...

  • Warping Varying Tempo 9:21

    Warping Varying Tempo

    Some songs do not have a constant tempo and you need to create warp markers throughout the track. This tutorial shows you the process while warping an acoustic drum kits room mic.

  • Warp Modes for DJs 5:31

    Warp Modes for DJs

    The various warp modes affect how Live time stretches or warps the audio. Understanding your options will help you pick the perfect warp mode so you get the best sound quality and desired results.

  • Monitoring Outputs 8:10

    Monitoring Outputs

    When you DJ you need to be able to listen to your cue mix so you can blend in your tracks and also understand your external and monitor outputs. This tutorial covers all of those topics in detail.

  • Audio Effects 7:56

    Audio Effects

    Using Audio Effects is essentially to making your DJ mix your own. Learn techniques that will help you be creative and productive.

  • Using the Crossfader 6:26

    Using the Crossfader

    The crossfader lets you blend and mix between multiple different sources. This is essential for smooth transitions and other common DJ tasks. Get a full understanding of not just the basics but also advanced crossfading and mapping techniques.

  • Matching Tempo - Nudge/Brake 5:51

    Matching Tempo - Nudge/Brake

    Learn how to use Tempo - Nudge/Break features to beat match live with external sources, such as vinyl, cd's or even live bands.

  • Instant Mapping MIDI Preferences 8:08

    Instant Mapping MIDI Preferences

    Learn to use the Instant mapping features to map the controls on your external controller to the parameters within Live.

  • MIDI Key Mapping 10:48

    MIDI Key Mapping

    Take a deeper look at MIDI and Key mapping. Useful hints and tips to accomplish common DJ tasks and controller Live.

  • Mixing & EQ 9:20

    Mixing & EQ

    Get a great introduction into mixing various tracks with the EQ. Many creative and iconic uses of these features.

Product Overview

Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough takes you through the fundamentals of DJ'ing with Live, demystifying commonly misunderstood and overlooked skills and techniques needed to create a solid DJ set.

Learn tempo matching, filtering, warping, mapping controllers and much more. Get the crowd moving... Get "DJ with Ableton Live - Vol 1" today.

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