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DJ with Ableton Live - Vol 2

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24 Videos | Length: 1hr 44min 1sec
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Chapter 1 : Warping and Playback

  • Advanced Warping Overview 6:28

    Advanced Warping Overview

    Tracks with complex rhythms that have time signature and/or tempo changes can be tricky to warp. This tutorial will help you understand why you must tell Live about these changes so that it does not try and fit them into Live's global tempo and time signature.

  • Warping Tempo/Time Changes with Scenes 5:06

    Warping Tempo/Time Changes with Scenes

    This video shows how to make tempo and time signature changes by using Live's scenes.

  • Warping Acappella with Original 5:13

    Warping Acappella with Original

    Learn to warp an acappella when you have the original track on hand. First you will see Craig warp the original track and find it's tempo before applying and lining up the warping to the acappella track.

  • Warping Acappella without Original 8:57

    Warping Acappella without Original

    Warping an acappella without an original track can be tricky. In this video Craig shows you a few different ways to take on warping an acappela without an original track.

  • Using Master/Slave 7:29

    Using Master/Slave

    The Master/Slave button in the Arrangement view can be used to work around tempo changes in a track. This tutorial focuses on correctly placing warp markers at the tempo changes and how to make the clips tempo the 'master' of live's global tempo.

  • Using Locators/Set 2:34

    Using Locators/Set

    In this video you will see how to place and use Locators to navigate around the arrangement view.

  • Looping on the Fly with Clip Loop Buttons 3:28

    Looping on the Fly with Clip Loop Buttons

    Learn to 'loop on the fly' by taking a small section of a track and repeating it indefinitely while putting effects on the loop or mixing it with another track until you turn off the loop button or stop the clip.

Chapter 2 : Building FX Racks

  • Rack Overview and Controls 7:18

    Rack Overview and Controls

    This tutorial focuses on how Craig has set up his audio effect rack by assigning the most used controls to macros. Specifically the Beat Repeat parameters.

  • Autopan 3:48


    In this tutorial Craig focuses on setting up Autopan in the DJ rack by using both single and multiple instances of autopan.

  • Freq Shifter/Phaser 2:56

    Freq Shifter/Phaser

    In this tutorial Craig shows you how he has the phaser effects set up in the DJ rack. Including using the Frequency Shifter plug-in as the phaser.

  • Simple Delay 2:48

    Simple Delay

    This tutorial focuses on the last two controls on the DJ rack which control the Simple Delay plug-in. Including how to map the simple delay to a MIDI controller.

Chapter 3 : Quick Tips

  • MP3 Quality and Drift 2:25

    MP3 Quality and Drift

    Craig shares a tip on how a poor quality mp3 file can be source of frustration when it comes to warping.

  • Plug-In Controller 1:28

    Plug-In Controller

    This quick tip can be very helpful... especially with laptops.

  • Tempo Mapping Min/Max 2:40

    Tempo Mapping Min/Max

    This quick tip focuses on MIDI mapping tempo in Live. Even though many controllers work 'right out of the box', Going ahead and mapping tempo allows you to set the minimum and maximum values.

  • Zooming 1:12


    In this video Craig shares a tip for zooming in or out using the zoom display in Live's preferences. Avery useful feature for playing live gigs using Ableton live.

  • Faking Unwarped Clips 3:35

    Faking Unwarped Clips

    This tip shows you how to use functions such as looping and the scrub tool with the warping button enabled without actually warping.

  • Reverb and Delay to Mask Tempo Changes 5:46

    Reverb and Delay to Mask Tempo Changes

    In this tutorial you will learn a trick for transitioning in your mix between tracks of different tempos using reverb or delay plug-ins.

  • Pitching Unwarped Files 3:39

    Pitching Unwarped Files

    Craig shows us some good old fashioned beat matching and how to use detune to pitch unwarped files.

  • Finding Key with MIDI Instruments 2:14

    Finding Key with MIDI Instruments

    By using his ears and a simpler instrument Craig tries to find the main key of a track.

  • Finding the Clips/Freezing/Storing in Library 6:26

    Finding the Clips/Freezing/Storing in Library

    Great tip for working with the Ableton Suite content (Latin Perc, Session Drums, etc.). Craig shows us how to avoid waiting for content to preview by using the freeze track function after processing the clips. Finally organizing them in the library.

  • Removing Stop Buttons 1:59

    Removing Stop Buttons

    This video shows how you can remove stop buttons to use scenes without stopping other clips.

  • Draw in Tempo Changes 3:46

    Draw in Tempo Changes

    Quick tip teaches you how to automate tempo change for an entire set. This will allow you to plot out your tempo for your entire set.

  • EQ3 4:44


    Craig shows how he set up the EQ3 as a DJ EQ.

  • Using Beat Repeat 8:02

    Using Beat Repeat

    This tutorial takes a close look at the Beat Repeat plug-in.

Product Overview

Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough follows up with a new series about DJ'ing with Ableton Live, continuing where he left off, going deeper into the world of DJ'ing with Live.

Discover advanced warping techniques, tempo mapping, advanced locator usage, Looping on the fly, building effects racks, tips & tricks and much more...

If you're a DJ and use Ableton Live, watch these videos and see how much better your DJ set becomes.

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