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Tracktion T7 Update Explained®

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17 Videos | Length: 1hr 11min 16sec
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  • Compact Toolbar 8:09

    Compact Toolbar

    T7 offers a new slimmed down version of the Controls Panel in the form of a toolbar at the bottom of the window.

  • Browser Position 2:54

    Browser Position

    See how to move the browser left, right, or up top and how to have multiple views in the browser open at the same time.

  • Zoom Tool 3:20

    Zoom Tool

    T7 offers nice new multilevel zoom tool to speed zooming in and out.

  • Projects Tab 5:00

    Projects Tab

    The Projects tab gets a new three-column interface. Learn how the new Edit previews work and how to download the demo songs very easily.

  • Synchronized Browsers 3:44

    Synchronized Browsers

    Bill demonstrates how to preview several loops at the same time synced to the Edit and to each other.

  • Drag to Set In/Out Markers 1:40

    Drag to Set In/Out Markers

    Learn a quick way to set in-marker and out-markers to define loop playback and many other operations in T7.

  • Auto Show Panels 2:11

    Auto Show Panels

    To save screen real estate, you can keep your Browser, Mixer, and Controls panels hidden.

  • Visual Plug-In Selector 7:09

    Visual Plug-In Selector

    Learn to choose plugins by dragging them from a pallet of UI thumbnails.

  • Group Clips 1:38

    Group Clips

    Now you can lock several clips on a track together so they work like a single clip.

  • Linked Clips 3:34

    Linked Clips

    Easily create copies of Audio Clips, MIDI Clips, and Step Clips that reference the same underlying date or file.

  • Automation Patterns 3:30

    Automation Patterns

    Learn how to create repeated automation patterns between the In-marker and the Out-marker using a new feature located in Properties.

  • Plug-In Sidechain 2:17

    Plug-In Sidechain

    It is now easier than ever to use the sidechain input on your favorite plug-ins.

  • First Run Setup 1:47

    First Run Setup

    You can enable the First Run Setup panel to walk through the essential list of setup tasks.

  • Scroll Options 3:14

    Scroll Options

    Bill explains what the various scroll options do and the best way to set them up.

  • Track LFOs 6:37

    Track LFOs

    Learn how to apply Track LFOs to get movement happening on your volume, panning, and plugin parameters.

  • Updated Plug-In Racks 4:01

    Updated Plug-In Racks

    Plugin Racks in T7 are easier to create and work with more complex chains of effects.

  • Clip Layer Effects 10:31

    Clip Layer Effects

    Bill demonstrates a new way to apply effects to clips.

Product Overview

Tracktion calls T7 “the musicians DAW” and they’ve loaded it with lots of updates geared toward the recording artist. In this in-depth tutorial series studio master Bill Edstrom shows you how to get the most out of this powerful one-window creative studio tool!

Bill starts his exploration of the new T7 “blue steel” interface by describing the added functionality of the updated compact toolbar.

The next video shows you all the new features you have with the browser, including moving it left, right, to the top of the window, or having multiple views open simultaneously.

Bill then demonstrates the new multi-level Zoom Tool and the new three-column interface of the Projects Tab, and how you can synchronize Browsers.

That leads to an examination of the Auto Show panels, and the Visual Plug-in Selector which lets you choose plug-ins from thumbnails.

Moving on, Bill explains the enhancements to T7’s clip functions and how you can now group clips and create linked copies of clips. Creating automation patterns between markers is explored, as well as how to use the side chain input.

Now that you have a handle on the new workflow possibilities, Bill guides you through the First Run Setup options, including the new scroll options.

He concludes with three videos on T7 effects including how to apply Track LFOs, the updated Plug-in Racks, and how to apply Clip Layer effects.

Whether you are new to Tracktion T7, or you’re an existing user looking to get the most from the new additions, check out “Tracktion T7 Update Explained” today!

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