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Mastering with UAD Plug-Ins

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  • Introduction 2:24


    Matt discusses the pros and cons of mastering with plug-ins yourself vs using a dedicated Mastering Engineer, then gives you an overview of what he’ll be covering in this series.

  • Mastering with UAD Basics 13:01

    Mastering with UAD Basics

    Matt now lays out the general idea of Mastering. Learn what mastering does, and the differences the UAD plug-ins can make. Matt takes two well mixed tracks meant for the same album, and does Level matching, A/B Comparisons, Before and After Comparisons, and reveals Basic Work Flows.

  • Tape Emulation 5:22

    Tape Emulation

    Matt explains how to utilize Tape Emulation in Mastering featuring the UAD Ampex ATR-102 plug-in.

  • Corrective EQ 11:55

    Corrective EQ

    Matt demonstrates applying Corrective Equalization in Mastering, this time focusing on the UAD Brainworks BX plug-in in Mid-Side Mode.

  • Compression 7:58


    Matt now reveals how to use Compression in Mastering featuring the UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor plug-in.

  • EQ Shaping 5:55

    EQ Shaping

    Matt shows how to give the track the shape and 'mojo' it needs, utilizing both the UAD API 550A and UAD Tonelux Tilt plug-ins.

  • Imaging, D-Essing and Limiting 14:36

    Imaging, D-Essing and Limiting

    Matt explains how to broaden the Stereo Image and get more depth on your tracks as well as how to tame an overly sibilant vocal during mastering. This video features the UAD Precision D-Esser, Precision K-Stereo, and Precision Limiter plug-ins.

  • Vocal Too Hot! 9:27

    Vocal Too Hot!

    Matt gives you ways / tips to handle a mix that has a vocal performance that is a little too loud.

  • Wrap Up 2:37

    Wrap Up

    Matt signs off with an overview of all he did throughout the series, as well as some final thoughts on Mastering.

Product Overview

UAD guru Matt Whatley is back, this time showing you how to Master with some of the most popular mastering plug-ins from UA Audio! Mastering can make the difference between dull sounding recordings and exciting tracks, but you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them.

Matt begins by introducing two songs, and letting you hear the difference between the unmastered and mastered versions. That leads into his overview of the mastering process, and how judicious use of the right UAD plug-ins can really make your songs sparkle and pop.

From there, Matt takes you through his complete mastering chain, explaining what every UAD Plug-in he uses does in the process. Beginning with tape emulation and corrective EQ to bring out the best in the recordings, he moves on to shaping the overall sound with compression and additional EQ, before finishing with specific tricks for getting the vocal to sit just right.

If you use UAD plug-ins and want to get that "release-ready" sound for your songs, you'll want to watch "Mastering with UAD Plug-ins" to give your tracks the polish they deserve.

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