Logic Pro 10 Pack Bundle
Over 13 Hours of Top-Rated Logic Pro Video Tutorials - Only $39 (Reg $235)
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Included Products

Included Products

Logic Pro X Know-How: Pedalboard
Logic Pro X Know-How: Amp Designer
Logic Pro Quick Sampler Explained
Logic Pro: Drum Synthesis Explained
Logic Pro X Know-How: MIDI Transform Window
Logic Pro X Know-How: Markers
Logic Pro X Know-How: Advanced Mute & Soloing
Logic Pro: Bouncing & Exporting Explained
Exporting Multi-Tracks in Logic
Logic Pro: Sharing Projects Explained
Are you ready to take full command of Logic Pro?
By the end of this comprehensive 10-course collection, you’ll have Apple’s flagship DAW eating out of the palm of your hand! You’ll learn the ins and outs of dozens of advanced features, as well as lots of tips and tricks along the way to improve your workflow and stimulate your creativity.

To start things off, Doug Zangar will teach you all you need to know about virtual guitar rigs using the Pedalboard and Amp Designer. Learn how to save/load presets, edit patches, automate parameters, adjust the signal chain (for stereo and mono applications), tweak microphone types and placement, build up rigs from scratch, and more. You’ll be armed with everything you need to get killer guitar tones and make them do your bidding. Next, discover the powerful sound-design features in Quick Sampler with Laurence Holcombe and follow along as he teaches you how to synthesize your own drums using Ultrabeat and Drum Machine Designer, among others.

You’ll also learn about plenty of other features from Doug and Eli Kratnzberg, including the MIDI Transform Window (mapping data, creating and importing user sets, etc.), using markers (copying marker sets, importing from other projects, edit, move, etc.), advanced muting and soloing techniques (power buttons, regions, and more), bouncing and exporting (freezing tracks, summing, file formats, etc.), exporting multi-tracks (takes folder, multi-output VSTs, and more), sharing projects, and more!

If you’re ready to truly become a Logic Pro power-user, this bundle has you covered. Grab yours today and save!<
Purchasing this bundle allows you to download each product in the bundle and own it forever, as well as stream the videos from the Groove3 site forever, all immediately after you buy.
Regular Price: $235
Bundle Savings: $196.00!
Discount Price

$ 39.00

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