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MASCHINE Explained

In this fantastic series, music tech master Russ Hughes takes you deep inside the Native Instruments MASCHINE & MASCHINE MIKRO music production powerhouses. Russ covers the Maschine software from beginning to end and will have you using Maschine like a pro, fast. If you're ready to enter the Maschine, this is the doorway.

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The Basics


Hardware Overview 4m:23s

Take a guided tour of the Maschine hardware interface that tightly integrates with the included software.


Intro to the Software Interface 3m:36s

Take a guided tour of the Maschine desktop software.


Setting Preferences 6m:00s

Get under the hood and figure out how to set up your Maschine to get the most out of it. This includes setting up audio, MIDI and preferences.


Using the Browser 10m:45s

See how to use the browser to navigate around projects, instruments, patterns, effects and samples.


Find Things Fast 5m:08s

If you're in a hurry and need to find things fast, here are some tips and tricks for speeding up your workflow.


A Note about 64 Bit 1m:42s

A short video explaining the benefits of 64 Bit mode and how to make sure you are working in 64bit mode both in Mac and PC.

Working with Samples


Dragging Sounds from the Desktop 3m:41s

In this video find out how to create drum kits by dragging and dropping sounds.


Drag Loops into the Sampler 5m:06s

In this tutorial you'll learn how to bring in a loop, edit it, slice it and then automatically create a pattern.


Drag, Drop & Map Sounds 4m:40s

Find out how to quickly build an instrument by dragging in samples from your desktop.


Sampling from a DAW 9m:48s

Find out how to sample from within your DAW using the powerful sampling engine. There are several ways to make life easy, Russ shows you how.


Create an Instrument 7m:09s

How to sample an instrument from within your DAW and then map it to create a great sampled instrument.


Using the Synth Engine 11m:20s

Find out how to use the powerful synth engine within Maschine's sampler to take sounds to a whole new level.

Building Beats


Create a Pattern Fast 4m:14s

A hit n run on how to create a pattern fast - perfect for those who just want to get up and running quickly.


Creating Patterns In-Depth 15m:29s

See an in-depth tutorial on putting a pattern together from scratch.


Arranger Basics 3m:31s

In this video find out how to take your patterns and build a complex song arrangement.


Arranger Menus 1m:48s

Discover how to use the menus and shortcuts so you can assemble songs fast!


Arranger in Live Mode 4m:05s

Want to arrange your songs on the fly? Well you can! Russ shows you how to build an arrangement that's flexible and can be used live.


Applying Swing Grooves 2m:57s

Give you beats some swing using grooves. In this tutorial we look at applying swings to the Master, Group and even individual parts.

Exporting Audio and MIDI


Export Audio to Logic 6m:23s

Find out how to get the audio from Maschine into the Logic timeline, there are several workflows and Russ shows you all of them.


Export Audio to Pro Tools 5m:03s

See all the different ways how to get the audio from Maschine into the Pro Tools time-line.


Export MIDI to Logic 1m:45s

Need to export your Maschine MIDI into Logic? This short tutorial shows you all the ways possible.


Export MIDI to Pro Tools 2m:28s

See how to export MIDI from machine into Pro Tools.

Routing Audio


Routing Audio to Your DAW 4m:54s

Find out how to route audio from Maschine into separate tracks within your DAW.


Routing Audio within Maschine 5m:38s

Explore Maschine's complex and powerful internal routing options and how to get the most from them.

Working with Effects


Using Insert & Send Effects 10m:55s

Learn to use Maschine's built in effects both as inserts and sends for maximum flexibility without overloading your computer.


Maschine as an Effects Unit 4m:17s

Want to use an effect in Maschine on another track in your DAW? Russ shows you a cool trick that allows Maschine's effects to be used on anything!


Effect Automation 7m:38s

Take control of your effects and automate all of their controls to drive them to the max.


Tape Stop & Stutter Effects 6m:04s

Combine all the skills and tricks you've obtained about Maschines effects to create a very cool tape stop and stutter effects.


How to Use Resochord 6m:16s

Discover how to take drum sounds and convert them into cool synth sounds using Resochord.


Create a Dirty Drum Sound 3m:10s

There's plenty of bite and dirt in the effects within Maschine. Find out how to take your drums and give them a filthy edge.


Using FM & Frequency Shifter 12m:00s

Unleash the power of FM synthesis and filters to create new sounds that have the edge.


Using VST & AU Effects 2m:47s

See how to easily use 3 party VST and AU plug-ins within Maschine.

File Management


Managing a Project 5m:39s

Don't lose a single thing by following these steps on saving your projects, patterns, groups and sounds!


Taking a Project to Another Studio 1m:05s

A short video showing how to ensure that you move all parts of a project complete with samples so you can take it to another studio etc.

Mapping and Assigning


Mapping Your Hardware Controller 4m:05s

See how easy it is to use the supplied software to map your hardware to any MIDI instrument or plug-in.


Assigning Macros to Groups 2m:21s

Discover how you can map your most used controls to Macros and get to them fast.

VI Instruments and REX Loops


Using VST & AU Instruments 4m:58s

Explore how you can insert and control your favorite VST and AU instruments within Maschine.


Working with REX Loops 4m:03s

Find out how to work with REX2 loops within Maschine and then create a brand new audio loop file of them.

Russ Hughes

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started young. My father was a Jazz piano player who would play Oscar Peterson on the piano, I would go in as a kid and sit and listen to him in wonder. When he left the room I would try and knock out tunes myself. When I was 15 I swapped my bike for a really bad electric guitar which I went home and plugged into my sister's hi-fi, she was not impressed. From there I started having bands in the garage and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. What training have you had?

As a musician, no formal training, I just picked things up by ear. Over the years I've been lucky to work and play with some of the best musicians around, that rubs off on you, playing with great people means you either get better or get a different job! As a trainer I've done a lot of public speaking, presentations and seminars to groups of anything from 10 to 3,000 people. Again, you either get good or get hungry.

3. When did you get into recording?

When I was 17 I bought myself a Tascam 244 Portastudio, that was a 4 track cassette based recording system that cost around $1800! In those days that was a miracle being able to record and mix on separate tracks. Once I got that then I was hooked, in fact I forgotten the stuff I've bought over the years, I just look music and technology and so recording ticks both of my passion boxes!

4. People you have worked with/for?

It's a long list and to name drop would sound like throwing pans down a stone staircase. I've worked with and for, in a technical and programming capacity UB40, T-Pau, Elton John, The Beat, New Order, Jools Holland, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Duran Duran, and Japan to name some of those blasts from the past... I'm old!

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I didn't know I was, perhaps it's the combination of my passion for the music and the gear coupled with a genuine desire to help people to use their gear without any barriers. I read the manual as a last resort (often because they are so badly written) so I guess that other's may feel the same, so I try to find a way of making things as simple as possible, I try not to pretend to be an expert, more a guy who's just figured it out. I also have a terrible sense of humour, which means when I train live there are a lot of laughs.

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