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Alloy 2 Explained

iZotope just made the mixing world way better! DAW master Russ Hughes shows you all there is to know about iZotope's amazing new Alloy2 essential mixing tools. Get ready to make your tracks and mixes sound even better.

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Getting Started


Introduction 3m:26s

Russ introduces the fantastic new Alloy 2 and explains the thinking behind what iZotope considers the 'Essential mixing tools'.


Getting Around the Interface 10m:14s

Take a tour of the interface and get used to where to find the tools you need, when you need them.



General Settings 10m:00s

Find out how to manage the performance of Alloy 2 with graphics, host and license management options.


Spectrum Options 4m:50s

Make sure you have Alloy 2 giving you the visual feedback you need by getting the spectrum options set up correctly.


I/O Options 6m:02s

Getting your metering right is essential to ensure good gain into each unit and preventing clipping - in this video see how to set the meters for the way you work.


EQ Options 3m:45s

In this video Russ shows how to make sure the EQ setting are just right and also a cool feature for helping you tune into exactly the right frequency when making adjustments.


Other Options 3m:31s

Unlock the multi-band potential of the transient, exciter and dynamics and then see how you can adjust the metering on the De-Esser and Limiter modules to suit your needs.


Preset Management 8m:28s

Find, save and organize your presets so you have them in hand just when you need them, both for the entire channels strip and each module.


Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts 2m:44s

Discover how to speed around the interface with keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow.


Using History Memory Points 2m:19s

See how to use history memory points as a quick way to A/B or even C & D your settings.

The Modules In-Depth


EQ Module 7m:43s

Explore how to tune the sound just the way you like, with an amazing array of up to 8 bands of EQ. Create everything from rumbling bass to soaring sweet highs and everything in between.


Transient Module 6m:36s

In this video Russ shows how to create some audio magic with drums and loops using the multi-band transient shaper.


Exciter Module 5m:26s

Watch how to use the Exciter in both single and multi-band mode to give acoustic guitars some space and air.


Dynamics Module 9m:42s

See a full overview of the dynamics module with both single and multi-band compressor/limiter and noise gates.


De-Esser Module 5m:37s

Find out how to unlock the power of this versatile De-Esser, normally used for vocals, but as Russ shows, able to handle far more.


Limiter Module 8m:11s

If you're looking for banging dance mixes or more subtle control of the mix, then Russ gives you an overview of the tool to do it - the limiter module.

Hands On Techniques


Sidechain & Multi-band Uses 7m:25s

Discover the power of sidechain and multi-band compressor techniques. Russ takes a basic synth part and brings it to life with just one dynamics module.


The Detection Filter 4m:50s

The detection filter can be a powerful ally when you need to focus your dynamics in with pinpoint accuracy - find out how.


Using Dynamics on Drums 7m:30s

Instead of reaching for the EQ, Russ shows how creative use of dynamics can get you a great studio drum sound.


Killer Guitars 7m:52s

Russ uses some of the cool modules in Alloy 2 to give energy and life to both rhythm and lead guitars.


Multi-band Compression on Mixes 8m:01s

Find out how powerful mulit-band compression can be used to bring mixes to a new level.


Getting Great Voiceovers 8m:51s

Podcasters and Broadcasters alike will find the vocal techniques shown in this tutorial indispensable. Get that great radio voice and see how to automate the process of riding the vocal and music.


Clean up Live Drums 6m:02s

You'll be amazed at seeing how Russ removes the reverb from a live stereo drum part; even more amazing he then treats the kick, snare and overheads of a stereo loop independently!


Mixing a Song with Alloy 2 Pt. 1 10m:26s

An entire song mixed with just Alloy 2; vocals, piano guitars, bass, drums, loops, percussion and hammond organ and then one across the mix buss for good measure. In this extended video Russ shows how fast you can mix an entire song with Alloy 2.


Mixing a Song with Alloy 2 Pt. 2 15m:48s

Russ continues where we left off mixing the song with Alloy 2.


Using 2 Dynamics in Parallel 4m:13s

Find out how to get the best of both worlds by using 2 dynamics processors in parallel. In this example, Russ gets a super smashed, yet dynamic drum sound.

Russ Hughes

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started young. My father was a Jazz piano player who would play Oscar Peterson on the piano, I would go in as a kid and sit and listen to him in wonder. When he left the room I would try and knock out tunes myself. When I was 15 I swapped my bike for a really bad electric guitar which I went home and plugged into my sister's hi-fi, she was not impressed. From there I started having bands in the garage and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. What training have you had?

As a musician, no formal training, I just picked things up by ear. Over the years I've been lucky to work and play with some of the best musicians around, that rubs off on you, playing with great people means you either get better or get a different job! As a trainer I've done a lot of public speaking, presentations and seminars to groups of anything from 10 to 3,000 people. Again, you either get good or get hungry.

3. When did you get into recording?

When I was 17 I bought myself a Tascam 244 Portastudio, that was a 4 track cassette based recording system that cost around $1800! In those days that was a miracle being able to record and mix on separate tracks. Once I got that then I was hooked, in fact I forgotten the stuff I've bought over the years, I just look music and technology and so recording ticks both of my passion boxes!

4. People you have worked with/for?

It's a long list and to name drop would sound like throwing pans down a stone staircase. I've worked with and for, in a technical and programming capacity UB40, T-Pau, Elton John, The Beat, New Order, Jools Holland, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Duran Duran, and Japan to name some of those blasts from the past... I'm old!

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I didn't know I was, perhaps it's the combination of my passion for the music and the gear coupled with a genuine desire to help people to use their gear without any barriers. I read the manual as a last resort (often because they are so badly written) so I guess that other's may feel the same, so I try to find a way of making things as simple as possible, I try not to pretend to be an expert, more a guy who's just figured it out. I also have a terrible sense of humour, which means when I train live there are a lot of laughs.

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