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FL Studio Tips & Tricks

Presented by FL Studio guru Andrew Rusnak, this awesome collection of FL Studio video tutorials will reveal many invaluable editing, production and mixing techniques that will supercharge your FL Studio sessions. Enjoy the benefits of superior FL Studio knowledge today.

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The Piano Roll 11m:19s

Learn tips for working in the Piano Roll to create a more realistic sound using samples and sample synths.


The Step Sequencer 7m:19s

Get tips for working in the Step Sequencer including using the Glide and Shift functions with samples and automating the Swing function.


Using Pattern Clips 8m:26s

Learn to utilize FL Studio's Pattern Clips feature in your productions.



Working with Drums 18m:19s

See how to layer and mix drums using samplers and the FPC.


Working with EQ2 9m:20s

Learn how to use the EQ2 Parametric EQ plug-in and spectral analysis tools in FL Studio.


Making a Sub-Kick 5m:49s

See how to create a sub-kick effect easily using a high-pass filter and a compressor


Fattening a Sound 4m:20s

See how to use the Delay plug-in to fatten up sounds in your productions.


Layering Instruments 3m:55s

See how to layer virtual instruments to create huge and interesting sounding patches.


Creative Routing 6m:56s

This tutorial covers how to route tracks in the mixer, how to set up routing to allow for panning effects, and how to route the vocoder.



The Vocoder 8m:18s

Learn to use the Fruity Vocoder to create new tones utilizing percussion and other samples as Carriers and layering sounds to create new voices.


The WaveShaper 8m:05s

Learn tips for working with the WaveShaper and general distortion advice.


Using the TS-404 19m:08s

Learn how to use FL Studio's simple 2 oscilator Synth to create custom sounds.


Fruity Pad Controller (FPC) 16m:36s

Get tips for working with the Fruity Pad Controller (FPC) including using non-percussive sounds, layering drum sounds, and using non-musical samples to compose with.


Using the Love Philter 13m:43s

Learn tips and tricks for the Fruity Love Philter, including using automation to create a frequency sweep, build a distortion effect, and experimenting with the LFO to design unique rhythms.


Fruity Slicer 10m:28s

Discover tips for using the Fruity Slicer, including using non-percussive samples to create new loops and chop beats using the arpeggiator.


Using Wave Traveller 10m:03s

See how to create complex rhythms off of a single sample and how to use the gating effect to chop up a sample using FL Studio's Wave Traveller.



Alternating Delay FX 3m:42s

Learn how to use routing and multiple delays to create an interesting alternating delay effect.


Sidechain Compression 5m:37s

Learn to use the Fruity Peak Controller to create a sidechain compression type effect with bass and drums.


Pre-Verb Effects 3m:25s

Learn how to create the backwards pre-reverb sound heard on so many classic recordings.


Granulizer Effects 7m:49s

Learn tricks using the Fruity Granulizer, including how to create a screw/chop effect, as well as making a reverse grain gating effect, and a cd skip/glitch effect.


Hammer-On Effects 4m:34s

Learn how to realistically create the rolling string effect on instruments and sounds in FL Studio.



Creating Filter Groups 2m:42s

Learn how to manage and organize instruments using FL Studio's Filter Groups feature.


Center Plug-In 2m:23s

See how to remove harmful DC-Offset using FL Studio's Center Plug-In.


Skinning Basics 8m:45s

See how to custom skin FL Studio and change its appearance, as well as how to edit other program parameters and affect their operation.


Best Final Render 7m:45s

Learn how to make your setting optimal for the best possible final render out of FL Studio.

Production and Mixing


Making & Mixing a Song - Part 1 17m:02s

See how to add instruments and lay the foundational patterns of the song down.


Making & Mixing a Song - Part 2 9m:34s

Watch as the song build with new pattern parts, breaks and fills.


Making & Mixing a Song - Part 3 23m:53s

Learn how to create the song arrangement using the FL Studio Playlist feature.


Making & Mixing a Song - Part 4 34m:09s

Discover the basics of Mixing and listen as the new song is mixed right in front of you.


Making & Mixing a Song - Part 5 18m:41s

Watch the mix get polished as Mastering type EQ and Multi-band Compression are applied.

Andrew Rusnak

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I was born in Charlotte, NC, began working with music as a child, taking the obligatory piano lessons that seem to be a prerequisite to reaching adolescence. In elementary and middle school years, I took up the violin, but soon traded it in for drums and percussion. At the age of 13, I received a drum set and began learning the ins and outs of rhythm composition.

2. What training have you had?

I am self taught, cutting my teeth in the field. I learned about recording spending time in many studios, including Gat3 (formally The White Room) in Charlotte, NC, as well as Hyperactive Studios in Rock Hill, SC. Through many live shows, I also learned the fundamentals of live sound and acoustics.

3. When did you get into recording?

I played in many garage bands throughout high school, eventually leading to work at age 18 with punk band "No Means" in Lancaster, SC. I got my first taste of recording during this time, putting together a small EP in a home studio in Charlotte, NC. This experience taught me that not all recording equipment is equal, as the result was less than perfect. From that point on, I began to pay more attention to recording gear and techniques. After the demise of "No Means", I was one of the founding member's of "Astrid Haven", a shock rock experimental band out of Charlotte, NC.

4. People you have worked with/for?

In 2006, with the demise of "Astrid Haven", I started, producing and selling sample libraries, as well as running the business end. Through, I worked with artists from around the world, producing remixes and collaborating on tracks. In 2007, I moved to Huntsville, AL and began working with audio at a television station and also began producing training content for, releasing FL Studio Tips and Tricks in early 2008 and FL Studio Explained in late 2008. I closed in late 2008, to focus my efforts elsewhere, while continuing to provide training content for

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I have worked with Sony's Acid and Vegas, Digidesign's Pro Tools, Apple's Logic, Image Line's FL Studio, and Steinberg's Cubase as well as numerous plug-ins. I have spent time in many home and professional studios, producing and recording. My knowledge and experience in sound design and digital audio allows me to offer a superior training product that helps customers achieve higher quality and more innovative sound. My focus on drumming and beat making gives viewers a better sense of producing and programming and offers a focused, targeted line of products to give you an edge in your digital audio tracks.

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