Studio Secrets with Krish Sharma
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Presented by Krish Sharma who has engineered and or produced for major artists such as The Rolling Stones, Counting Crows, Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney and more, takes you on a guided tour inside both pro and project studios and shows you the basics you need to be successful when working with bands and artists.

Shown in amazing high quality video and featuring special guests Don Was, Everything Is Energy, Black Cowboy and more, you’ll learn about setting up mics, getting levels, instrument and equipment overviews, mixing tracks and more. Watch Krish as he reveals to you, his secrets to success in the studio.

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  • 18 Chapters / Over 2 Hours Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate studio engineers / producers
  • Presented by Rolling Stones engineer Krish Sharma
  • Amazing high quality DVD Video plays in any DVD player
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod
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  • Krish Sharma

    Krish Sharma

    1. When did you start dabbling in music?

    I started dabbling in music in high school, sang in a punk rock band (singing loosely defined here) and also took some piano lessons.

    2. What training have you had?

    I have had no formal training in music or engineering--with the exception of a brief stint of piano lessons. That said, I have been a highly motivated pursuer of knowledge, reading books and manuals, and testing out concepts in my own compositions. As an assistant, I was lucky enough to work at A&M studios, a place full of talented people and opportunity.

    3. When did you get into recording?

    I started recording in 1994 at A&M, using primarily analog tape (Studer A-800's) along with a smattering of digital such as Sony 3348 and Mitsubishi 32 track. I found DA-88's to be useful as well and adopted them as soon as they came out. Pro Tools turned up in the late 90's and I jumped in when the Mix systems came out, that was 1999 I think. I would use Vision as a sequencer and Pro Tools 3 as the DAW, then sync these up. I found DAW based recording to very liberating on a production level; I could show up anywhere with my rig and record anything, with easy access to all previous work. Seems tame now, but the idea of having 64 tracks be portable was quite something.

    4. People you have worked with/for?

    Rolling Stones
    Perry Farrell
    Kris Kristofferson
    Ziggy Marley
    Al Green
    Supreme Beings of Leisure
    Counting Crows
    Sheryl Crow
    Hillary Duff
    Jack Johnson
    Paul Simon
    Willie Nelson
    Was Not Was

    5. Why are you so good at training people?

    I am good at training because I learned record making largely on my own but at a high level. I had to make sense of the process for myself and this helps me make sense of it for others. I learned by figuring out which things are important and which are ancillary--and this is very important--how to operate in a studio environment in such a way where not only the process is maximized for the musicians, but also for the record-makers (us).

    Effect Plug-Ins Explained
    Effect Plug-Ins Explained
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