Groove Cash is a customer reward that allows you to earn cash back for every single purchase at Groove3.com. Every time you complete a purchase, you will earn a cash back bonus that will allow you to purchase training downloads from Groove 3. You can use the cash at any time to save money.

Groove Cash Details

1. You will earn 5% of your total order in Groove Cash. So, spend $20 and you will get $1 in Groove Cash
2. You can redeem Groove Cash on training downloads, memberships cannot be redeemed with Groove Cash
3. You earn Groove Cash with every product purchase on the site!
4. You can check your total Groove Cash by logging in and visiting the "My Products" page or your "Orders History" page from within the profile button at the top of the site.

Using Groove Cash

To use Groove Cash, just log into the website then add an item to your cart. You will see the Groove Cash module in the cart area which will dispaly any Groove Cash you have to redeem. Simply select to redeem cash and specify how much of your Groove Cash you want to apply to your cart. The discount will then be applied and you can complete your transaction. Simple and easy... just the way we like it!

Thanks Groovers!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support. We hope this additional customer reward continues to show our committement to customer service and loyalty. We couldn't be creating the training you love without your support. If you have any questions or need any assistance with Groove Cash, just email us at support@groove3.com